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Through Football

What we do

Through football, F3 hosts football events to reach the wider community with the gospel message.

F3 Faith and Football Events

F3 faith and football events are opportunities for your church or youth group to invite professional footballers to come share their personal testimonies of becoming followers of Jesus.
F3 Mission Trips

F3 Mission Trips

The F3 team travel to different countries around the world conducting free football tournaments

F3 Outreaches

F3 Outreaches

F3 football outreaches run free football sessions within communities reaching out to young people and sharing Christian values to help inspire aspiration and build life skills.


F3 Faith and Football Podcast speaks with professional footballers and discusses how their faith in Jesus Christ impacts their lives and careers.
  • Participants
    Host & Guest speakers
  • Time
    Weekly @ 7:00pm
  • Location
    Live online
Football fellowship group

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